Dolls at Anime Evolution 2010

In 2009, I attended my first Anime Evolution in Vancouver Convention Center (past related posts 1/2/3 ). Most cosplayers photos were taken by my husband and I noticed he really enjoyed doing that, so this year I persuaded him to come with me. He took a lot of nice cosplayer photos once again! You can view them here :D

I took Taiga (Mini Dollfie Dream custom) and Mokotan (Mamachapp) with me this time, and only use LX3 as it’s just too many things to worry about to bring a DSLR camera along ^^;

Mokotan below… having lunch with us before we went :P

My main objective to attend this time is to check out UBC venue, and to hang out with some of my Dolly friends when I found out they were attending.

I heard that UBC is a nice place to take photos too ^^ the only thing is the weather was really hot this year ;_; everytime we step into the sun we felt like we were being roasted by the UV rays even tho I had with me an obnoxious green umbrella :P

We try to find shade at every opportunity to hide from the sun >_<

Most Epic pose EVAR

Smaller than Taiga XD

A flash of lightning dropped a strawberry, Taiga picked it up ^^;


Mokotan… still in her yukata ^^;

The biggest boy around end up attracting all the small ones ^^;

Tired dolls lol

Non doll related entry here :) Thanks for looking!

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    • chun
      chun says:

      I was too lazy to photoshop the hair out of the puki’s face :P But yes, so cute had to take a picture XD And you know U needs one…. watch the mamachapp flickr group, time to time someone may rehome theirs there ;P

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