Meeting Saber Lily

Had the pleasure to drop by to Mai chan’s place to visit her and her lovely Saber Lily (and Hanabi <3)

Mai took awesomely fantastic photos as well, and you get to see bonus “maid Saber Lily” XD Domo arigato Mai for letting us visit! :3

Aki decided to hold her first live concert, and she hired the services of Hanabi and Saber Lily chan to be her bodyguardo… LOL

After concert, Aki chan was spoilt by yummy strawberry short cake XD Arigato Mai chan!

Elegant Saber Lily ^o^

My photos does not do her justice :P

Hanabi chan cool and sexy as always XD

Brought the Crobidoll wigs for Saber Lily chan to try on ^o^

Maiddo henshin?! Please take a look at Saber Lily chan in full maid set at Mai’s blog post (it’s the trial piece before I make a final one for recent ebay set)

Interesting to see Saber Lily chan in the dark brown wavy wig too ^^

Hanabi chan looks very very good in dark brown wavy  wig :D I must let Nyanko chan wear the wig sometime ^o^


Random documentation (be warned it’s gross LOL) : So yesterday I happen to have to go run some time sensitive errands in downtown Vancouver and in between the errand I got… pooped on by a bird… ^^; it reminded me of the time I blogged about divine punishment… I guess it was my turn to be divinely punished :P

It was gross >_<;;; — poo went onto my winter jacket, splattered on my phone (I was looking at it to check where I am and which way to go), and onto my fingers (ARGH). The LUCKY thing was at least it did not get onto my bags where I was carrying my dolls ^^;

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    • chun
      chun says:

      hehe actually it’s the first time Aki ever wore her default gear lol I wasn’t a fan of default gear, but to meet Mai’s Saber Lily, we brought it out (since I wasn’t going to sell it) lol

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