Clothes and Parts for Mini Dollfie Dream

I decided to swap Taiga’s hands for the bigger Dollfie Dream size hands as I noticed that the part where we pop the hands in are similar in shape and size.
Here, she is using the DD size DDII-H-03 hand (Pointing Hand)

and DDII-H-05 hands (Rock/Fisted Hands)

The difference is in the size of the hands and they look less child-like compared to the actual MDD hands.

I was very pleased to find out that Taiga is able to wear some clothing I made for my hybrid MSD (Mini Super Dollfie) size doll, (see picture below). She has a Narae french resin body which is sculpted to be slender type body, and Dream of doll Bee-A head.

I store her away as her body is unfortunately yellowing; despite that I like the sculpt very much. The Narae body also stand and poses very well, which probably explains why it was difficult for me to think about re-homing it.

Taiga’s feet fits the MSD shoes which I already have some of, which saves me even more $ :P

Luckily her head is same size as 60 cm Dollfie Dream, so they can share wigs. I did not have to worry about getting other different sized wigs – Taiga usually wear the same wig most of the time too anyway.

Looks like Taiga has taken over my doll blog for now ^^;/ I guess while she is still bigger than my 11-12 inch tall dolls, she’s actually very light.

I only wish she can stand a few seconds longer before falling forward when I take pictures of her outdoors ^^;/ She fell forward a couple times when I tried to take this picture ^^; the ground was soft and dry so she wasn’t hurt but she had bits of brown leaves on her hair and outfit ^^; I gotta wash them soon ^^;

Let her sit down for other shots now ^^;

Photos taken at Deep Cove (last minute decision to go there)

This picture, I was holding her up and shooting so she doesn’t fall over :P

A bit off topic: bumped into Mai chan at Barefoot Kitchen when we went there for dinner (another last minute decision). Barefoot kitchen serves sushi now too ^^/ Was too hungry so forgot to take photos of food (oops). It was another crazy weekend!

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