Taiga visits Shinjuku Koen

On a gorgeous weekday of the Golden week, we went to Shinjuku Koen for some photos and had a picnic lunch there ;D

Brought Taiga with me as she scored a new body :) She wasn’t pleased that it took me so long to take her out tho :P

Don’t be mad ^^;;;

Tsuntsun among Irises…

Put her on a tree… Since it’s hot and dry today :P

Taiga demands that I be done with photos and carry her ^^;

Hmmm what’s this?

It’s huge!

Taiga is about 43cm ^^



Let’s go somewhere else!

Posing with pretty colours :D

Pretty against pinks :D

Photobombing students having their class photos taken :P


Gorgeous white flowers :)

Dolls and flowers are a great combi, even if the doll is angry :P

Taiga approves of the new body ^^

Hurry up! The park is closing soon!


Are we there yet? (LOL)

On another tree lol, Taiga wasn’t pleased as she said she saw some ants on the tree :P

She might give me a kick soon lol

Gorgeous golden flowers :)

Amazing Wisteria sighted!

Till next time :)


Hope you enjoyed the photos! :D

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