Blythe Con Tokyo!

Puppy52dolls is going to vend at BlytheCon Japan in Tokyo this year!

This is the first BlytheCon in Japan, planned and hosted by Mitsuyo Arai, Momoko Komori and Mitsuko Mine.

Japan has had many doll conventions like Doll show, I-doll, but a Blythe only convention is a first!  The super talented Momoko sensei show cases some of her works on and she attends and gives sewing workshops at many international BlytheCons. I was very lucky to finally attend one of her workshops in Japan which I blogged about here. You can also find her works on her facebook, and etsy PunkyQuirkyCute.

We were super honored to have her attend our BlytheCon Vancouver last year, which I had a chance to be involved in. Our Convention was reported by Momoko sensei and published in DollyBird Vol. 23. The book contains not just reports on BlytheCons, but also many patterns and information on various dolls. In fact there are patterns in this issue for Dollfie Dreams too!

There will be a lot of superstar talented vendors attending/vending at BlytheCon Tokyo, check out the vendor list here (click on the group images for larger photos and links to the webshops)

I have reopened the Blythe section of my webshop, and will be listing items on it over time in between making stock for BlytheCon Japan! Thank you everyone for your kind support! Currently, two pairs of shorts are available ^^/