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2016 Mar 2: Shipped 3 packages today, and the buyers have been notified, I will be processing the other orders, I may list some preorder listings again next week when I get more done, in between illustration work. Thanks again everyone!

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This entry is for documentation purposes.

Above, my Smart Dolls Kizuna in M-bust, and Mirai in S-bust.

I had meant to make an update before Valentine’s Day, but somehow missed it!  But well we can feel the dolly love all year round can’t we? ;)

I’m really excited about this blouse design, since it is essentially a 2 way blouse! :D the sleeves are removable for 2 different looks :) Below Mirai is modeling sleeveless in Smart Doll L-bust.

Also without sleeves the blouse can be worn under a cardigan or a jacket without additional bulk. Below Kizuna is modeling it with sleeves in Smart Doll L-bust.

This wonderful hearts fabric came in 2 colour ways at the time I found them a few years ago, I had to get both!

I was asked if this is available for Dollfie Dream Dynamite body, and guess what, this design is very versitile, it fits the curvy Dollfie Dream Dynamite body too! Also fits M, L DDII, DDIII bodies. Nyanko modeling it with sleeves in Dollfie Dream Dynamite body.

The 3rd blouse available is made with this adorable colourful hearts Japanese Fabric by Sevenberry ^o^ Below Mirai is modeling sleeveless in Smart Doll M-bust.

I came across this fabric when I tidied up the fabric stashes and had to include it >_<;

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  1. Dan Chapman
    Dan Chapman says:

    I love these tops and shorts, are any of these for sale? Would love to have some!

    • chun
      chun says:

      Hi Dan! Sorry for the late reply, thanks for your interest! I am currently trying to assemble stock, and may not be able to take this order until May ^^;

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