Sewing date with bluestarbaby

Today two sewing machines were working in the sewing dungeon XD! We had the pleasure of having bluestarbaby over for the afternoon :D

Nyanko scored an adorable dress by bluestarbaby ^o^! Under the dress there’s a white top to act as prevention from accidental staining lol

Kawaii! ^o^! Thank you bluestarbaby ^o^! We hope you’ll adopt a dollfie dream in future (huhu!)

I managed to make a pair of pants for Hitomi lol! Seems that Hitomi’s body is a LUTS Delf girl type II body?

After looking at my photos, I think the back area can be better XP lol

Omake: In the sewing dungeon… I stupidly forgot to take a photo with my camera of bluestarbaby on the other side with her sewing machine ^^;

I haz bad hair day ^^;

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  1. billy
    billy says:

    Wow! The Sewing Dungeon is much more well lit than I had imagined! XD It’s nice to see your workspace tho, I like how the girls are there to make sure you are keeping on schedule. Ha ha!

  2. kmyk
    kmyk says:

    I like craft things in general. :D It’s like when a painter looks at a blank canvas and sees all the possibilities it has

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