Happy Birthday to?


Can you guess?

And the answer is….

Meiko~! ¬†Finally completed the outfit for Lightning Sabre‘s new addition ^^;

Had to take some photos of Aki cosplaying as Meiko before we hand the outfit over lol!

Awesome to be able to use Yuki Morikawa’s mic XD

I have to line most of the red parts of the outfit with white, and the material used for the dark grey tube top inside does not stain from what I used it for before. I discussed with Lightning Sabre about the opening in front and we settled on a suggestion of a faux “zip” look.

Really happy with how the skirt turned out!

The choker, belt and skirt are closed at the back by doll velcro ^^


Peekaboo, the open palm hands are so fun to pose!

Thanks for looking! :D

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10 Responses to Meiko dollfie dream cosplay

  1. otakusan says:


  2. Smithy says:

    Saw the photos of Meiko on Lightingsabre’s blog, she’s very cute and the outfit is lovely, nice work!

  3. Daisy says:

    Aki is so pretty!! Very well done on Meiko’s cosplay costume ^^

  4. shaolintech says:

    Awesome as usual Chun. She really does look like a perfect Meiko like that ^_^

  5. Thanks again Chun ^^ Weird, somehow the skirt looks shorter here XD

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