Aki in Shinjuku

Thes photos in this post are mostly taken in Shinjuku gyoen, we were somewhere else in Shinjuku briefly where its the cherry blossoms against urban setting ^^

Shinjuku was HUGE and we got lost while on our way to meet a friend for lunch =_=; Luckily the location was pretty nice for some quick snaps before we headed to the park ^o^

It was a somewhat cloudy day, but at least it wasn’t raining!

Aki in a more casual type get up this time ^^

It was late afternoon by the time we made our way to Shinjuku Gyoen. It is one of our favorite parks to visit when we are in Tokyo, as it is close to the station, very big and very beautiful with a large variety of plants and settings. Normally we would have loved to spend a full day there but due to time and weather constrains, we could only do a about an hour or so this trip.

We had to queue to get in, which isn’t surprising as every local and foreigner wants to enjoy Hanami at their peak! :)

The park is full of people, but big enough to share with Aki ;)

We cut it rather close by walking in despite it getting closer to the closing time (wah)

Thankfully we managed to take some rather nice pictures during our walk :)

We actually been to this exact area before, taking some autumn photos :) Nice to revisit it to see other tree blooming!

By now we had to start making our way out ^^; Managed to have Aki stand here in front of some low hanging branches of fluffy blossoms ^O^

Aki looks so cute “hanging out” XD

Some unknown fluffy tiny white flowers ^o^

As everyone slowly made their way out, there are many park keepers(?) herding us out slowly in Japanese and in simple english XD I can see why they had to do that, it was hard to leave this beautiful scenery!

Some trees have already started to shed ^^;


Thanks for looking!

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  1. Smithy
    Smithy says:

    Gorgeous photos of all the blooming cherry blossoms and Aki.
    (White cloud cover might not have been too bad, it gives a softer lighting and really does bring out the blossoms better compared to harsh sunlight.)

    • chun
      chun says:

      I got to agree that I don’t mind the clouds giving a diffused look, I like having blue sky against the cherry blossoms tho! But can’t have everything XP

    • chun
      chun says:

      Yes! If you like walking around parks, definitely a great place to spend a nice afternoon :D Avoid the cafe and tea house inside tho, mazui desu :P Buy a bento somewhere in the shops close to the entrance of the park (somewhere across the road)Aki worked hard for photos lol!

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