Under the sakura tree

Sakura+school girl uniform are the cutest I think! :3

This time we have Aki dressed in the Mirai seifuku I made from way back, the bow has changed in design since then, this set is a test piece which I keep for reference.

But I enjoy pulling it out for photos when the time is right :3

I was trying to see if I could blow some bubbles into the photos, but unfortunately it didn’t work out ^o^; Probably need someone to help me or a bubble machine :P

These photos were taken when we have returned from our trip ^^; I find it easier to take dollfie photos when it’s not super crowded with people ^O^; Moar photos from the trip to come tho! :)

The leaves has already started to show through since the flowers has started to shed >_<; Too bad it’s quite hard to capture the falling petals, I leave it to your imagination!

Thanks for looking~!