Meiji Jingu

This trip we went to a few shrines for photos, and Meiji Jingu is one of them :)

I took Aki with me and dressed her up in the mini skirt Miko outfit ^^;

Bluestarbaby brought Ayu too :)

Most of this session I wasn’t able to put her down for photos as it was quite crowded — a Saturday.

Had to wait for the right moment to take pictures to minimize photobombers lol!

This trip, I think we really lucked out on the weather, today is one of the good days where it was quite sunny with blue sky :D

Aki so cute <3!

Aki and Ayu :D

It got rather hot at this time I remember, had to get under the shade o_o;

This two trees were being worshipped too :)

Bluestarbaby and Ayu wrote down their prayers :D

We walked around a bit more in a different part where there was a little less traffic. ^^

Later on the same day, we actually went to another place in the late afternoon and took a different set of photos :D Aki even had a change of clothes lol! But I will leave it for a different day to post it :)

Thanks for looking!

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