That backless sweater…

Shop status – currently out of stock. Update 2017 Feb 12: Grey piece is sold out. Shipped a bunch of orders on Sunday, 12 Feb. I will be working on orders taken this week, target to ship next weekend!
Latest updates @puppy52 on twitter.  Thank you! ^^/

I noticed there was a trend on fb/twitter and realized I could make it! So I made it as a joke really and… people wanted to buy it for their dolls o_o; In fact, some people contacted me and got the item before I have time to prepare the post and list them on my shop (Thank you peeps!)

Picture below is Ebi (Smart Doll Ebony L bust) and Chitose (Smart Doll M bust)

Note pictures may show a lot of skin, so probably NSFW under cut. You have been warned! 

Below is Saya (Dollfie Dream L bust flat single torso) and Aki (Dollfie dream on Smart Doll L bust body)

The only problem is due to that I wasn’t intending to sell this item, I ran out of the grey fabric too quickly and I have only one for the shop ^o^;

BUT I do have more the lighter fabric (light beige) available ^o^! I am opening a pre-order for the light version, I have a few ready made/cut out to get me started ahead. Due to unexpected snowfall in my area, I will only be able to ship these on weekend(s) as it is treacherous to venture out on foot/bike x_x

Picture below is Ebi (Smart Doll Ebony L bust) and Chitose (Smart Doll M bust)

Pictures below are Chitose (Smart Doll M bust)


Really sorry, this is the last of the grey fabric ;_; I’m not sure if I can find the fabric again as I bought it years ago ^o^;

Below is Saya (Dollfie Dream L bust flat single torso)

Below is Chitose (Smart Doll M bust)


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  1. yohann
    yohann says:

    hello, I see “out of stock” but this post is old, maybe you have them again.
    but by any chance, could you make one in light green or turquoise ?
    and how much it would cost me to send it to France ?
    it’s for my anthro Fluttershy plush, fit 1/3 dollfie dynamite (see website) :p
    thank you !

    • chun
      chun says:

      Hello~! I make/list/ship everything by myself so I actually don’t have this ready made/available yet ^^; I’m not sure if I have the material in the colours you want I’m afraid ^o^; Usually it takes about 10 cad to ship to France, but won’t have tracking or insurance. And nice plush ^^)/

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