Aki on a date

Aki went on a date with Ayu, my friend bluestarbaby‘s Neris Dollfie Dream on the day before Valentine’s, I think they had fun ;D

It was a grey morning, then it turned out to be beautiful after lunch :D

It was just a bit cold when the wind blows lol

The PricklyPear had not as much plants available due to the winter season BUT there are still bursts of colours from the fast approaching spring! :)

Windy= Cold! Brrrr!

I was worried time to time that Aki’s wig gonna fly off :P

So windy, Aki almost jumped off :P LOL dangerous :P

This picture was taken at Outpost Mini Donuts I went there in the summer on Strida Mini XD The shop smells so sweet :P

After walking about in the cold, what better than to go home, take more photos of our girls, and then drink our tea and snack on mini donuts (which got cold after we were done LOL)

We couldn’t finish the donuts, and my friend end up bringing the rest to her boyfriend lol!

Aki: Can we start now? (LOL)

Oops backlit, had to do a lot of photoshopping below ^^;

Couple Photo from iphone:

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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