I was requested by a friend to take more pictures of this cutie, and so I did :3 Vivi is wearing a dress which belongs to my blythes ^^; but I think it fits her okay :)

She poses well and looks so cute!

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6 Responses to Mamachapp love!

  1. is it ok i can call u but it might cost me money because i live in ellenville ny :C

  2. hey what store or website you got the mamachapp? ^^

    • chun says:

      I got one from a friend online and another I happened to find when I was in Japan ^^; sorry not a lot of help here… some people may re-home their mamachapps on the flickr group (http://www.flickr.com/groups/761122@N21/) time to time tho. And they’re usually not cheap as they are rather hard to find, usually they only sell it by manually preordering by mail within japan. Another way to get them is by a proxy service to bid on in Yahoo Japan auctions, I personally haven’t done it yet as it is a bit too stressful for me :P

      • ok i know its hard to find and i live in ellenville ny so its very hard lol and do u know how much money it is in newyork chun ^^ thanks for the tips to find the mamachapps ^^

      • thanks for the info and do know how much it is because in in ellenville ny ^^ and in japan witch store u whent to srry for telling u all this srry its stressful for u T_T

        • chun says:

          um I have sent you the link to the flickr group you might want to look in the discussions threads there, I think a lot of the questions have been asked before and probably answered and no sorry you cannot call me ^^;

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