Anyone re-ment collectors?
I’m not a hard core collector, but I do buy a box or two to see how my luck is (if I get something I want). Here’s Vivi enjoying the re-ment desserts :P
I had also found some time to test sew an idea I had for a while, while my husband worked on reinstalling my laptop ^^;

Think she’s gonna get a tummy ache eating so much sweet stuff? :P

Oh my she running off with the desserts?!

My husband’s Zaku got a dessert too…

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2 Responses to Re-ment and test sewings

  1. chun says:

    Winged Oh ^^; I bought it 2nd hand from a friend, sorry ^^; normally she can be found on yahoo japan but unfortunately they are rather expensive >_<

  2. Winged says:

    Where have you bought this doll? I’m in love!

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