Puppy love plushie

This commissioned project was somewhat delayed for the longst time as one of the reason is that the fabric is quite a horror to work with LOL.

Every time I cut the fabric, it feels like a layer of lint snow landed on my work area and my clothes ^^; And I have to vacuum the room and the sewing machine to start next project ^^;;;;;;;;;;

I would like to know how much would you pay for a plushie like this? Keep in mind this is slowly hand made by one person, not factory mass produced ^^; I also may not have the same type of eyes as they were left over from some previous purchases years back in Japan ^^;/ Taiga not included, sorry LOL

Sorry for the wait Yu chann! ^^; Below is a sketch of the idea which came up when I was working with Yu chann’s papa. Was reminded by Yu chann of the Puppy fan club post Yu chann did a long time back ^^;

Taiga re-enacting the image?

Thanks for looking! And feedback is greatly appreciated! :D and on a slightly non related note, Puppy52Dolls now have a facebook page!

I am trying it out as I am having a dilemma about doll folks whom I don’t know personally trying to add me on FB, but I am just on FB it to keep in touch with family, so I am sorry if I don’t add you back there. Do “like” the facebook page if you use it! ^^ Yoroshiku onegaishimasu~! And big thank you to everyone who liked the page or shared it :) I wish I can like all the likes XD lol!

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