Paw’s outdoor adventure

Ah, seems that Paw is my “to grab” girl every time I go out these days ^^;

Last week, we had a couple visitors from out of town and I accompanied them a little when they went out to walk about and take photos :)

We lucked out on a beautiful afternoon where the sky is blue with wisps of clouds, glorious sun and slight breeze on occasion…

Paw brought along their new DSLR as well :P

Pumpkin field :D

This year was rather dry during this month so some of the decorative pumpkins did not yield as much as last year >_<;

We bought a medium size pumpkin to make pumpkin soup (it turned out really yummy!) must get some more next time :P

Thanks for looking! :D

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  1. Stella
    Stella says:

    What a lovely pictures of your DD girl! I love to see her dressed to the season, it really is getting chilly outside already.
    And what a wonderful photocamera does she have, where did you find it? I loooove miniture objects : )

    • chun
      chun says:

      Hi Stella, thanks for your kind comment, I bought the camera miniature on eBay ^^; it is a USB device shaped in a DSLR, kinda pricy but I think it works well in photos!

  2. carmenxoxo
    carmenxoxo says:

    Love this group of photos, especially the pumpkin patch. Now I see how she got her clothes dirty!

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