Dollfie Dream Poncho

Testing out a poncho pattern, probably need a bit of tweaking but Mirai seems quite happy with it :3

Hopefully it’s keeping her warm in the minus degree weather brrr!

After I took these series of photos, I could barely feel my fingers ^^;

It appears that Ponchos are quite popular in Japan when we visited last Autumn ^^

Decided to walk around a bit to take photos despite the cold, this year it feels like we got a bit less slow than last year and the year before so far, but I think it feels colder ^^;

I wore two hats and still feel that the chill snuck into my head as I walk about ^^;

Have to try the poncho on the S/M/L bust girls later XD (Mirai Yukino chan is in a Dynamite body)

I’m glad it’s not windy or snowing, cos it will be a lot colder/wetter and messier — much harder to take photos ^^;

<3 her puppy dog eyes :P

Balanced her on the top of the slide :P, I should have brought a sledge perhaps lol!

Walked to a different area and started to feel like my fingers were about to drop off, so had to carefully make my way back home and thaw myself off ^^;

Quite pleased with the choice of fabric, really pops in the grey weather ^^;

It has a hoodie too ^^/

Thanks for looking! :)

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  1. mazaku
    mazaku says:

    Lovely dress set, like the full feeling of dress.~ :D
    But the place that you took photos seems very cold.~ ><;

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