Isabelle (Rosey Red Blythe)

Still rather busy with non doll related stuff, but today I have a reason to take some dolly pictures :) Today’s model is Isabelle, a Roesy Red (RR) adopted sometime last year from blythou ^^/

this is probably my favourite of the lot, lovely dress by awonderfultreat ^^

A few more shots here ^^

Singapore is having it’s first ever Toy and Comic convention, for more information check it out at! And the exciting part is, among all other exhibitors, CWC is taking part with their “Blythe Stylish Creations” exhibition!

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  1. Scarabocchio Girl
    Scarabocchio Girl says:

    Hello!! we’re freinds on Flickr and then I’ve found your blog too..very nice!
    I like this shot for the bright colors and her red lips!! ^__^

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