I was inspired to dig out most of the wigs which I own to try on Aki (Yuki Morikawa dollfie dream).

1) I trimmed the pink wig which she was wearing in the previous post ^^;

Thank you Motoko Yamamoto for pointing me out to the link I lost!  The link where Yuki Morikawa dollfie dream was trying out many different wigs XD

2) Below Aki is wearing her default dark brown (looks black) wig ^^ picture was taken on the first day of her arrival :)

3) Curly long blond wig which Himitsu and maybe Mirin wore before (got it 2nd hand so not sure the origin ^^;)

4) This one was from Luts, I trimmed the bangs and cut the back shorter before cos it was too long ^^;

5) This one was one of the first wigs which Himitsu wore before I got her her short one from volks ^^ (from the same 2nd hand lot)

6a) Wig below was from volks, I think the parting is too high and the front bits too long >_<

6b) 2nd shot of the wig on top from a different angle which looks better, but I don’t think I will use it on my girls any time ^^;

7) Hmmm cannot remember where this is from either >_< could had been Cancan?

8) This was AjumaPama (there’s a label under the wig ^^)

9) Got this 2nd hand in a batch :3 (same batch as wig 3 and 5)

10) From the 2nd hand wig lot ^^

11) 2nd hand lot :P (it was a lot of about 10-11 wigs)

12) Look familiar? lol This was from Volks ^o^

13) Borrowed from Mirin ^^; unfortunately source unknown cos I’d wanna get another as a back up since I like it so much!

14) Borrowed from Mirai, Mirai needs a more suitable wig I think ^^;

15) Taiga’s wig XD

16) Nyanko’s wig ^o^

17) Dug out Yukino’s default wig, do not want ^^; It’s probably one of the wig I dislike the most ^^;

I may have one long blond which which is too big even for Nyanko (Yoko DD seems to have the biggest head) which I did not show here, I sold a few wigs with my LUTS boy head recently ^^ so I guess these are possibly almost every wig I have so far? ^^; How many wigs does your DD musumes have? :P

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