Sewing Sneak Peek

Hmmm seems that I keep missing the winter part of the season :P

I have many ideas I want to make but I still need to make and test the patterns, that usually take me a long time before I make something I am satisfied with… maybe I should make Winter pattern thru the year ^^;

Haven’t taken much photos lately due to poor weather grey and cloudy with minimum light, and today I had to take some photos because I have some sewing ready.

I made some skirts and was thinking over what I should make to go with them, and thankfully whatever was made the last 2 days work with two of the skirts :)

Today was really sunny and bright, making it ideal to take photos at the corner I usually do :)

I adjusted the peasant top design to make it fit the DDII body better, the area where it sits on the hips is a little more fitted :) But I think this version will not fit the DDdy body’s curves unfortunately ^^;

Airi is wearing a variant of the peasant top design which turned out quite nice I think :) and happen to match the green skirt :3

Tsun Dere? lol

Aki <3

Really like the length of the sleeves of this new version, it happens to cover the elbow join at certain poses :)

Omake: Tsuntsun Taiga got a new painted eyes, same type as Taiga version III, I used a couple wooden beads ^^ I think I like this version of the eyes better despite it’s not 100% mirrored due to the hand painted nature, as the eye whites are clearer. Before I made these eyes, Taiga version II looked like this.

Thanks for looking :3~!

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