Mirai and Kanata cosplay

Airi and Aki cosplay as Kanata and Mirai XD

M-bust set commissioned by Danny san :3 Really sorry I am unable to “mass produce” these quickly, they take me a while just to make a set ^^;;;;

I DO intend to post something on evilbay when I get it finished >_<;;;  Thanks everyone who asked and are interested…

As you can see, Airi/Kanata is in M-bust :3 The inside part of the uniform has been redesigned, hopefully it works better – easier to put on without having to fiddle about too much like the older design… ^^;

I don’t have a shorter dark wig unfortunately so am using the DD Mio’s wig :P The trademark ribbon of Kanata took some trial and error before this stage :3 The white stripes are painted on~


From this point onwards, maybe not safe for work ^^; you’ve been warned :P



And… there’s some even more NSFW pix on this special Figure.fm post (ahem) no nudity but NSFW LOL! Hope you like! :3

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