A  suddenly sunny break in the afternoon got me moving my dollfie dream girls together to take some photos!

I was thinking to myself, 4 seems to be a good number so far, since I’m already having a bit of trouble to get them together looking natural ^^;

There hasn’t been any real temptations so far other than having a need to save some $$$ for 2010.
I’m a bit worried about the White Album dollfies being a big temptation, but so far I do not have a strong want/need towards them… Or at least not for the preview ^^;

I’m actually very happy I made the plunge to get/make Himitsu chan, cos after adopting her, my dollfie dream family felt more complete :)

She decides that she likes cosplaying :P She was hoping to enter for the Otacool cosplay ^^;

The twins enjoying some sisterly love time :P

Narcissus plant makes a special appearance…

Himitsu, being the “youngest” of the lot, probably need a bit more attention from me ^^; I actually noticed I do not have a lot of photos of her ^^;

Omake: they’re all facing the window where the light is coming in lol!

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41 Responses to Dollfie dream family photo 2010

  1. Did you mod Himitsu’s body to change her height? She looks a little shorter than Mirai and Mirin. Yumiko has taken to wearing flats and Zetto has taken to wearing chunky platform boots to differentiate their heights. When you factor in the larger head of a DD with respect to an Obitsu, they wind up about the same height, and Zetto seems to not like that much.^_~

    • chun says:

      Oh Himitsu’s wearing flats, Mirai and Mirin are wearing heels ;)!

      • A-HA! That’s the secret! (slaps head and says “D’oh!”)

        Actually I’ve seen modded DDs and Obitsus that have been shortened. There’s this one woman who shows up on boards I frequent who modded her Obitsu boy to be a bit shorter than his original 60cm height…he has some of the same hacks Zetto has, but more extreme because she physically altered his thighs to lose a little height.

        Obitsu people tend to do more modding because all the parts are available for purchase. It’s not like Volks which has spare outer vinyl parts but no spare parts for the DDIF2 skeleton. More dolly-hacking friendly. ;)

        • Oh well…looks like I’m going to the Volks side of the Force after all for Namiko.

          MDD with the Kips mod, DD01 head. Type D “Apricot” brownish or Type E “Shikkoku” grey eyes. I can wait for Emory to get it together or I can just visit Tenshi no Sumika in Torrance, CA and pick her up. So nice to have a Volks store within a short driving distance! And I love the people there. Good people. Good times. Set for taking piccies of your Dollfie.

          Lizz aka Biff is relishing the thought of doing a DD head faceup.

      • chun says:

        Oh why the sudden change in mind? And yes I’m jealous that you guys have a physical store! :P How nice that the people at the volks store are nice folks :) I find the japan store sometimes are more wary with foreigners trying to buy stuff from them ^^;

        • OK, since this is a low-traffic board I will be frank. The US distributor for Obitsu is an online store called the Junky Spot. Yes, you can also order from Parabox Japan directly, I’ve done so, they are great. But Junky Spot is basically a one-person operation: a guy named Emory.

          I was going to order some parts for my Obitsu 60cm 2-piece/55cm hybrid boy. Sent Emory a few emails. Lint in my in-box and the sound of crickets chirping. Had to get the needed parts from Parabox.

          Then, with the Namiko project, I emailed Emory. Quite a few times. Again, no response. (headdesk)

          And here’s the last reason why my change of heart. I’m putting together a doll meet in Torrance at the Mitsuwa Marketplace, a huge Japanese market. They have a super food court with plenty of room for Doll people to hang out. We’re going to get together on March 6th, in honor of Hina Matsuri, the Doll Festival.

          After the meet we’re going to carpool it to Volks Tenshi no Sumika. And that’s when I’ll pick up Namiko. That will mean her “birthday” will be March 6th. Yumiko’s backstory birthday is March 1st, because my friend Chad, who was the original person pwn3d by her, bought her at Volks on March 1st, 2008. And the backstory location of where Namiko lives is Lawndale, CA, which is a neighboring city to Torrance.

          Namiko will be “born” on Hina Matsuri. Cosmic, d00d.

        • chun says:

          Ah one person operation is hard ^^; wonder if your e-mail went to his spam box? (kinda possible) But I am glad you were able to order from parabox japan directly! And thanks for the warning ^^; at least now I know when I am ready, where I should buy stuff from with hopefully less issues ^^;

          And wow lol how do you remember all these stories XD

        • To be perfectly fair, Emory finally got back to me last weekend and was swimming through apologies. Alas, too late dude…I already whipped out the plastic and reserved the MDD.^^; I would still consider dealing with him in the future.

          Actually these “stories” are turning into a novel of two Asian-American families being brought together through two of their children — Yumiko and Zetto — falling in love. It’s slow going but it will be good, hopefully. It’s nice to be able to generate something creative out of silly things like dolls. Who knows what will happen with this writing?

        • chun says:

          Ah I see I see, too bad that he missed the business opportunity ^^; I love how dolls become our muse ^^

  2. Pinkwing11 says:

    Aww, cute ^^ Is Himitsu a Volks doll? o.o?

  3. I really think you’ve got the kewlest little family there.

    As I mentioned on Figure.FM Zetto’s getting a kid sister because I’ve seen so many Obitsu 50cm pictures and I can’t stay away…that’s just the most awesome body ever made, even better than Volks DD as far as I’m concerned. Namiko is going to be a real tomboy type because of all the awesome things they can do. I’m thinking she’ll be 12 or 13, and very athletic. I also think Zetto having a tag-along little sister will be comedy gold for my photomanga.

    There may actually be a twist to Namiko’s identity too. Gonna have to keep it under wraps. ^_^

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