Micro Mini Doll Meet at Denny’s

Had a lovely meet with Archangeli with Paw and Moe at Denny’s in Richmond last week!

Only have time to copy the photos into my computer and resize etc today ^^; Do check out Archangeli’s photos :D

I biked out on Strida Mini to take the bus(es) so I did not bring my big camera ^^;

Bay 3 was located before Bay 2, which made me a bit confused, but luckily managed to make my way there before the bus came ^^;

Luckily it was a beautiful day!

Managed to make my way to Denny’s on time despite having to depen on the buses haha!

Before I stepped in someone stopped to ask me about Strida Mini lol

Om Nom Nom! Had a rather large brunch XD so ended up just having watermelon for lunch later ^^;

After food, we went to check out a little corner for some photos XD

One point in time Paw climbed a tree >_<;

Little Monkey XD

Moe wants up too!

Time pass too quickly when you’re having fun! After this little meet I went to Michael’s to buy some copic markers before heading home :3

Mission accomplished :3

Contemplated biking to the skytrain station… but this road is super busy >_<;

Thanks for looking ^o^/!

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