Christmas is coming!

Mini Mamachapp Ebichu’s first snow experience~!

It was super cold and windy and the snow didn’t last too long in our area, I could only let little Ebichu be out for a little bit before surrendering and getting back indoors ^^;

Winter= very little daylight, so I could only take limited amount of photos indoors as well ^^;

I have Aki in christmas wear (made last year), hoping we will have a chance to go somewhere with christmas lights ^^; for photos! There’s a super awesome christmas themed photoshoot on by DarluarWu which made me want to take a few quick photos of Aki :3

Below, Aki is holding onto a beautifully made christmas ornament made by a very talented friend Blair ^o^!



Okay let’s hope we have a chance to take some more awesome photos! :P

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