26 Nov 2011: Blythe item packed~ Couple items also packed, should ship latest this following weekend~

23 Nov 2011: Items paid for this week are currently shipped!

Thank you super speedy paying buyers!

Photos of top and skirts below~ (will be making more of the tops to list this week)

Skirt with elastic waist band fits DDdy, DDII and MDD (longer on MDD), white strapped top fits M/L and DDdy busts.


Skirt below is for DDII body only, closes at the back with doll velcro.

Another skirt for DDII, lined in white under, I only have one of this butterfly lace applique, so there’s only one of this skirt available… ^^;

I will tweet about it on my twitter when I list them up, and update this blog entry ^^; Sorry I can’t set a time, don’t want the shop to crash ^o^;

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14 Responses to Thank you!

  1. Archangeli says:

    Omg LOVE the top.


  2. Shamanweb says:

    I would love to get a chance to get some of your clothes for my Saber Extra (that will be my 1st DD x3) I’ll keep an eye on your blog :P

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