Halloween party crashers!

Himitsu and Taiga crashed a Blythe Halloween party yesterday XD

It was a super long day, we had to get up early, get to ferry terminal (Kind thanks to my friends for picking me up and dropping me off after!) we had to take a 2 hour ferry ride to Victoria, then have another couple of kind friends drive us for about an hour to the meet venue ^^;

It was a super fun day tho despite being so long (I am still feeling rather tired from it, I fell asleep within minutes after I went to bed last night :P)

The entire morning I was possibly running on adrenaline, I took opportunities to take photos whenever I can :P

To be honest, we’re not morning people, especially not Taiga, but I brought Taiga in smiling face… I suppose maybe she’s at least excite about the outdoor adventures?

Taiga is wearing a denim jumper made by Mai a few years back XD we <3 it :3 Taiga wore it to pumpkin hunting etc before :D

Lucky for us, the weather turned out somewhat decent despite being quite cold — typical of Autumn days. So the ferry ride was pretty smooth and relaxing :)

A friend was curious about Dollfie Dream, which was one of the reasons I brought Himitsu and Taiga XD



To see more pictures from the Awesome Blythe Meat Halloween Bash, check out the flickr set! :3

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  1. Mio Mio
    Mio Mio says:

    Awww both Taiga and Himitsu look cute! ^^ Yeah autumn weather is always cold and wet =__=;; It’s in the 40s and 30s here. And it’s been rainy so I can’t bring my MDD and Pullips out ;A;

    Glad you had fun and happy halloween chun! >w<

  2. lightningsabre
    lightningsabre says:

    Oh this is where you were XD Hmm… Taiga’s face look a bit different for some reason… Did you widen her smile or something? Feels like a completely different head now.

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