More test sewing for Dollfie Dream L-bust

Please take note, this post was made way before we got hectic with our move, so it may look a bit strange :P

Finally got around making some clothes (test sewing) for my girls to keep ^^; It’s getting colder these days and it’s just not acceptable to let my girls go outside without appropriate clothing, so I at least have to start making test stuff ^^;

I took a little time to try out a pattern I was drafting, it still needs adjustments around the sleeves since it’s kinda tight and the fabric near the joints looks like it’s being stretched to the limit ^^; And ah her arms couldn’t go thru the sleeves when I tried it on her (oops)

Finally got to making a pair of pants which we’re definitely keeping ^^; Have to also figure out a Dynamite Body version since that body is a lot curvier ^^;

Mirin worked hard modeling for me since Mirai was packed away for the move ^^;

I find that if I had made puffy sleeves for the pattern above would probably had fit better ^^; kinda like the sleeves of this pink dress I tested out a while back.

The ruffle part was inspired by a real human blouse, so I thought I’d test it out on this dress, since it’s a bit plain without some detailing in front I feel.

I tied a bow with some ribbon I have around ^^

Would like to make a Alice in Wonderland type theme with this design :3

Lastly a cardigan pattern in progress ^^; I want to try to make a grey one for a set which is like school uniform? But I have more of this blue fabric so used it for the test piece :)

Came across a really nifty information on Dollfie Dream flickr group discussion :D Seems that dollfie dream’s pose-ability is more flexible than expected :)

It’s nice that she can have a bit more poses like hands on her face and such ^o^

After these few shots she’s back into the box again ^^;

Thanks again for looking! I’m hoping by the time this entry is out we’ll have unpacked a bunch of stuff already ^^;

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  1. Aquilla
    Aquilla says:

    Lovely test sewings as always. Love the pink dress, so cute but most of all like the cardigan. My dolls could really use something like jumpers or cardignas now its getting cold XD

  2. Miette-chan
    Miette-chan says:

    Looks like a pretty nice blouse you got on Mirin. You kinda make me want to try my hand at sewing.

    Your dress also reminded me I wanted to get a nice summer dress for my dollfie musume.

  3. kmyk
    kmyk says:

    I think for the blouse, the waist is too tight. I like that it shows off her curves but it just makes her waist look TOO tiny. The ruffles by the buttons on her pink dress is pretty and the cardigan I think is PERFECT~ <3

    • chun
      chun says:

      I think the small waist makes her butt look bigger than it is :P The blouse is actually not that tight around the waist tho, ^^; Ah, can’t wait to invest in a M bust body ^^; It’s a pain to switch busts lol!

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