Our room had a magnificent view! We checked in in late afternoon and was welcome by a beautiful sunset~!

Really lucked out on this!

I think Aki really enjoyed the view too!

The hotel room was comfortably furnished and I really like the hounds tooth pattern they used XD

Taiga was a bit neglected so far, so I decided to re dress her and take her out that evening ^^

Taiga looks excited as she waited for us to freshen up and head out XD

Decided to tuck out her sweater from this point onwards LOL

Dessert looks pretty but tasted normal, the shop seems to either allow smoking or it’s not sectioned, so it kinda stank when someone lit up when we were there ^^;


Pretty lights = pretty bokeh ^O^

Moar to come XD

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6 Responses to Rest stop

  1. sammy says:

    did u know that moar means mom in denmark! ^0^

  2. Miette-chan says:

    Lovely photos, I think sun down is a awesome time to snap photos as clearly shown with Aki. Some Taiga action is nice too, been ages since I last saw her.

  3. Wieselhead says:

    Lovely pictures of Aki, the second one is my favorite with the soft sunset light on her.
    And tiny Taiga is adorable ^-^ this dressup suits her very well.

    in case the rest isn’t already over, have a nice stay

  4. Archangeli says:

    Hope you and the girls are having a great trip, Chun!

  5. Yu Chann says:

    Yu Chann wanna be Aki and Taiga~ Japan want go! Enjoy your trip girls.

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