Leeke World Wig

I did a combine order with Mai and got a new wig from Leeke World, it makes Aki look more childlike – I love it! XD

The wig is this style, W080_E in Baby Brown. (not L size I realise I post wrong size before so sorry! ^^;)

Miss the opportunity to take decent day time photos, so played around a bit at night :P

Such a photogenic girl <3

After editing the photos I realise there’s quite a bit of flyaway hairs around ^^;

Tried to mess with Bokeh :P

Played with white balance :P

I think this wig may be her default for a bit ^^! If I take her out in it I will have to pack it separately tho as it gets messy a bit easily ^^;

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  1. Miette-chan
    Miette-chan says:

    I never really seen a girl with curls like this, it sure makes Aki unique.

    On another note, I always been curious how the curly wigs from Leeke would end up after shipping and it looks just fine. Will keep in mind for future reference.

    • chun
      chun says:

      It makes her look like the youngest in the family for sure now ^^! And oh yes, it is packaged in a ziplock bag with a circle of hard cardboard around it inside? :) As for the curl, it’s curled up to be close to the main body of hair, I gotta kinda twist it outwards for it to look like this ^^

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