Aki’s pumpkin

Guess who made me made a pair of new pants to take her out in? ^^;;;;;;

On a nice note I think I finalised the pants pattern :D It’s quite tight tho, have to open the button to sit Aki down in the bag :P
Really glad that we had sunshine rather than the initial prediction of rain today!

We paid a visit to the pumpkin patch, this time ready to pick one up :D Still not sure what to carve this year tho ^^;

All these bright orange reminds me of Danny’s website XD

When I took Aki out, some curious passer-bys asked about her, and somehow in the end there was some impression that Aki cost over 1000 dollars ^^;;; I guess with the japanese exchange rate, a proxy buyer etc, in the 2nd hand market she can easily cost that these days ^^;;;

Kawaii Aki <3! Glad to have taken her out on October 10th 2010 ;D!

Oh, Aki borrowed Himitsu’s “jacket” – a test version which I have yet to finalise ^^;; you can see Himitsu wearing it before in some photos here.

Old picture below of Himitsu wearing it :)

Other non doll photos can be found on this entry at my art blog :)

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  1. Miette-chan
    Miette-chan says:

    Is this gonna be a yearly event now? I remember a similar post at the pumpkin patch last year too.

    Aki looks good in pants, I rarely if ever seen dollfies with pants such a different feel that skirts and dresses.

    • chun
      chun says:

      lol I’m actually not sure, but you know if it is close by, who knows :P It’ll be hard to think of what to carve on it every year tho XD

  2. kuraikawai
    kuraikawai says:

    I commented on the other post and missed that one! how could I! xD
    Aki looks lovely with that wig + cute outfit!! I like the pants, even if you say they are tight, they look great that way :) I think I’d rather have a pair from you than making them myself^^ do you plan to make some more? :p

    • chun
      chun says:

      hehehe :P Thank you ^^ Tight also means they can’t sit down properly lol I would like to make more but right now I got something else I need to finish >_< so whenever stuff are ready I'll be tweeting/blogging :D

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