Guess who made me made a pair of new pants to take her out in? ^^;;;;;;

On a nice note I think I finalised the pants pattern :D It’s quite tight tho, have to open the button to sit Aki down in the bag :P
Really glad that we had sunshine rather than the initial prediction of rain today!

We paid a visit to the pumpkin patch, this time ready to pick one up :D Still not sure what to carve this year tho ^^;

All these bright orange reminds me of Danny’s website XD

When I took Aki out, some curious passer-bys asked about her, and somehow in the end there was some impression that Aki cost over 1000 dollars ^^;;; I guess with the japanese exchange rate, a proxy buyer etc, in the 2nd hand market she can easily cost that these days ^^;;;

Kawaii Aki <3! Glad to have taken her out on October 10th 2010 ;D!

Oh, Aki borrowed Himitsu’s “jacket” – a test version which I have yet to finalise ^^;; you can see Himitsu wearing it before in some photos here.

Old picture below of Himitsu wearing it :)

Other non doll photos can be found on this entry at my art blog :)

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35 Responses to Aki’s pumpkin

  1. Wolfheinrich says:

    Ah ha~ A(yu)ki I found you!

  2. coffeebugg says:

    I Likey the color of the jeans. :3 And that’s a very cute ensemble.

    • chun says:

      I bought that fabric with intention to make shorts, but then summer ended LOL well I guess it looks okay as pants too :) thanks!

  3. Celia the Pikachu says:

    Hey my DD’s middle name is Aki!!! (first name Autumn) That awesome that our DDs have something in common… that and do you make the outfits? I’ve
    been trying to but no luck. (although it might have something to do with the fact that I have no pattern to make them…)

  4. Otaku Depot says:

    Great photos once again. I love the look of that outfit on her, really goes great with the fall colors.

  5. Pinkwing11 says:

    Wow! Nice coloring in this batch :) I love the variety in colors during fall! And I just love that jacket that you made. It’s super cute ^^

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