Adventures of Mokotan~

Looks like Mokotan is taking over the blog for a bit ^^; Sweet husband took me out to dinner and Mokotan (looks like this will be her name ^^;) was the dolly stowaway in my bag :P Some food photos ahead!  You been warned!

Slightly non related, silent auction for Mamachapp is ending in less than a day — 21 July Vancouver 10pm, thank you all for your interest and also those for bidding, good luck!

Just arrived to the bubble tea cafe, Mokotan sits and wait patiently for us to make up our mind on what to eat/drink…

Ah many choices… what to drink?

I decided on grassjelly milk green tea, husband decided on honey milk green tea, Mokotan… will have what we havin :P

Wow the drinks are almost as tall as Mokotan (23cm)


Husband ordered spicy diced chicken with peanut on rice, it comes with some green bean and spicy tofu :)

My order of Chicken and egg sandwich with fries… Wah looks like Mokotan likes fries too ^^;

Okay time for bed ^^;/ laters~

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    • chun
      chun says:

      she’s wearing a knit wear meant for Lati yellow (Ball joint dolls) by :D Gotta love it when dolls can share clothes (heehee)

  1. Koshiko
    Koshiko says:

    I love your order, looks tasty~ :q

    And Mokotan looks so cute~ x3 She looks stylish in front of those huge drinks, lol. I tend to go for strawberry/green tea mixes when I order bubble drink, too sweet for anyone else though xD;

    • chun
      chun says:

      hehehe In future I should try a strawberry green tea mix, this place actually allow less sugar in the drinks (which is great) their default amount is not too sweet either ^^

  2. FatB
    FatB says:

    Looks like a nice place. You seem to really luv your new mamachapp.

    Do they have a club sandwich? I doubt I could finish it with fried chicken inside

    • chun
      chun says:

      this new girl is very cute ma :P and seems they don’t have club sandwich ^^; the fried chicken was actually not bad, they didn’t overdo it with the MSG haha! Only thing was they took a while to get our change back to us ^^;

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