Taiga Aisaka make up plan

After seeing the news post on Danny’s site about the up coming Mini Dollfie Dream Louise, I was reminded that I intended to make a customised Taiga Mini Dollfie Dream(MDD) ^o^!  Trying out a computer render on photo of the purchased blank head, wig image is taken from the latest louise MDD photo and tweaked to look like Taiga’s. (very quickly/roughly)  Shall I make an annoyed face or a smirking face? Decisions decisions…

ETA: Sanded annoyed face :P yes I sanded off her lips to lower the mouth, sanded around the nose too ^^; still need tweaking…

The thing about painting a 3D head is that sometimes it may not turn out 100% like the 2D planning ^^;

Below: Annoyed face

Below: Slightly smirking face

During our trip, I held back on getting an extra MDD body mostly due to budget constrain. (I also wanted a regular M-bust body ^^;) To be honest, I know that I will be quite busy when I get back to Canada due to work, and may not have time to seriously sew for a bit, so I should make some more munnies first before I think about more dolls.

Been talking myself out of splurging on a Yoko Dollfie Dream Dynamite too, since I really only want her head. (Anyone wanna split? :P)  The latest Sasara Kusugawa Dollfie Dream Dynamite is looking super amazing as well… (argh!)

Off topic: working on and off on a yukata pattern draft for you know who ^^;, still in testing stages, have stuff to tweak, like the back and the obi… I better finish this one before summer ends ^^;

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  1. kodomut
    kodomut says:

    If I had 10 arms, the Yukata would be a 10 thumbs up! But currently I can only give 2 >_<!

    Taiga looks awesome, I’d vote for an annoyed face!

    • chun
      chun says:

      What about your feet? LOL JKJK :P I’m kinda leaning towards annoyed face too :P and I may see if I can sand her mouth down and draw it a bit lower ^o^

  2. yamada
    yamada says:

    That yukata suits very well on Mirai. The color match her too ^^ Sasara are really gorgeous, thinking to adopt her? and good luck finding Yoko head ^^b

    • chun
      chun says:

      Thanks Yamada ^^ and I wish I have the budget to adopt but nope no budget ^^; I already have a dynamite body so basically I want to get a different type of body if I can :P

  3. Koshiko
    Koshiko says:

    Ahh~ Yukata photo looks so sweet~ <3

    As for Taiga, I like her embarrassed face in the anime most of all x3;

    Good luck with finding Yoko’s head, I’m getting her but as she’s my first [and only for a while, wish I could’ve pre-ordered Nia too u_u~], I can’t offer it to you ^^;;

    How hard/easy is it to make the Yukata? :3

    • chun
      chun says:

      Harro! And thanks! hehe I still need to adjust the back part of the yukata to make it fit better (right now too much bunching up ^^;) Thanks for even thinking of offering to me LOL

      Yukata is probably consider easy compared to something more fitted? :) I think it can fit the slimmer bodies too, gotta try that out when I have a bit more time on my hands ^^;

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