Airi chan got to go out for photos next! :P I washed the same Miko Hakama Aki was wearing the last photoshot and let Airi chan wear it this time :)

This year, we seriously lucked out on the mild weather o_o It was almost unnaturally warm :O Felt like we’re having Summer type weather in Spring!

Airi chan looks quite pleased to be chosen to be the center of attention this time ;D

She looks fantastic in the Mio’s default hime cut wig :D

Invading other people’s front yard ^^;

Next stop, Minoru park!

Seems that there’s always a chance for face planting everytime an outdoor shot happens… =_= around this time Airi face planted once, and I have to wash her clothes again soon :P

Thanks for looking :D for more blossom photos you can check out the art blog entry :)

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7 Responses to Miko Airi Hanami

  1. Korie Wiley says:

    Just look at cherry blossom tree

  2. Smithy says:

    Nice! Some great photos in there.

    Seems Airi is more challenging to capture than Aki due to the high contrast with her dark hime style wig and the skin/white hakama/miko top. Good job in rendering her well.

    • chun says:

      You got it right! My NEX F3 did really well, I hardly have to do much to the photos I took actually, maybe some I have to tune it slightly brighter, but I am quite pleasantly surprised ^o^

  3. Uwaah! Great photos! I especially like the sixth photo. It almost look like it’s framed with a sakura frame ^o^

    • chun says:

      This year we really lucked out! The trick to this framing is find lower hanging trees :D I remember was it last year or the year before? We were trying to throw sakura petals into our shots? It wasn’t so blue either I think? :P LOL

  4. Archangeli says:

    So pretty!

    And at least only one face-plant accident! >__<"

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