Guess who made me made a pair of new pants to take her out in? ^^;;;;;;

On a nice note I think I finalised the pants pattern :D It’s quite tight tho, have to open the button to sit Aki down in the bag :P
Really glad that we had sunshine rather than the initial prediction of rain today!

We paid a visit to the pumpkin patch, this time ready to pick one up :D Still not sure what to carve this year tho ^^;

All these bright orange reminds me of Danny’s website XD

When I took Aki out, some curious passer-bys asked about her, and somehow in the end there was some impression that Aki cost over 1000 dollars ^^;;; I guess with the japanese exchange rate, a proxy buyer etc, in the 2nd hand market she can easily cost that these days ^^;;;

Kawaii Aki <3! Glad to have taken her out on October 10th 2010 ;D!

Oh, Aki borrowed Himitsu’s “jacket” – a test version which I have yet to finalise ^^;; you can see Himitsu wearing it before in some photos here.

Old picture below of Himitsu wearing it :)

Other non doll photos can be found on this entry at my art blog :)

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35 Responses to Aki’s pumpkin

  1. tsunchan says:

    Did Aki get to see the Great Pumpkin? the new wig definately gives her a younger feel, Definately like it on her.. but the curls on some wigs can be such a pain!! Thanks for sharing Chun!

    • chun says:

      I think the day Nyanko went, the pumpkins seems a bit bigger? LOLOLOL

      This wig’s curls are short, so not as much of a pain to handle so far :3 And you took some fantastic photos yourself! :D Really like the poses etc :3

  2. Smithy says:

    Aki looks very cute in that gear! Love the photos with the sunlight on her. ^^

  3. PrettyCranium says:

    I love the pants and the jacket! And the top. And Aki!

    • chun says:

      Thank you dear XD! I’m glad I finally made something with that green fabric (the pants) I wanted to make shorts with it but it’s turning cold XP LOL

  4. kmyk says:

    did those people give you that O___O look like you’re crazy? it’s funny

    • chun says:

      lol Hmmm well when I took pix I usually tune people out :P even when I was talking to the people I was kinda avoiding eye contact LOLOL (suspicious doll crazy woman?) ^^;

  5. spark90 says:

    Is Himitsu’s wig the same one from Leekeworld?

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