Nyan! Nyanko scored a pair of fantastic Cafe Latte Jeans from mailittlealien at our last visit, thanks so so much Mai chan!!!  >o<!

Nyanko’s very excited having something new to wear and asked me to take her outside and take photos when the weather turned out fantastic today :)

Time pass too quickly, Autumn is already creeping up on us after last weekend’s Summer heat o_o

Matched the lovely Cafe Latte Jeans with a couple test pieces – the hat and the top from before… hmmm still yet to adjust the hat pattern (oops!)

Nyanko’s enjoying having some outdoors time in her lovely score lol

The weeds around was recently cut, but for some reason a small bush of daisies was left behind… they smell good, like chamomile?

The light was quite glaring, which resulted in somewhat overexposed photos ^^;

I think it makes it look hotter than it was :P

The sky was actually a goregous blue colour which I couldn’t capture properly without having Nyanko with harsh shadows on her face ^^;

Despite feeling a bit sad that Summer is almost over, we are looking forward to the beautiful reds of Autumn!

Hope you enjoyed this set of Nyanko photos! ^o^

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15 Responses to Mai Little Alien jeans

  1. Korie Wiley says:

    Perfect for go to the coffeehouse

  2. Pinkwing11 says:

    Beautiful pictures :D Man, I wish our weather looked that nice! and I love the fall~ ^^

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