We survived Anime Revolution 2013 Day! Thanks everyone who came by and bought something! Also sorry if we scared anyone when we tried to stop you from touching our dolls/display — before we put up little signs at the corners of our table. We did not want the dolls to get knocked over or damaged! Hope you understand! ^^;/

Do check out mailittlealien’s report with more photos here! ^o^/

It was our first time having a booth together and Mai was doing a showcase of her work (with my dolls doing a cameo appearance! XD

Mai chan kindly helped me take photos of my little corner which I was selling some doll clothes and some prints and buttons ^^;>

Looks like Aki has a crush on Mai’s Boy, Yamato – (Okita) XD I wonder if the other way applies too… Pouty puppy photobombs and disapproves… XD

Archangeli came by and brought Rin to help us XD

After helping us, Rin transformed into her AKB48 costume which Archangeli aqcuired from Taobao  and heads out for photos! XD As you see below, Aki chan was trying to sell the last piece of Orange striped panties (brand new in package lol) Thanks everyone who bought our merchandise ^o^/!

If you’re attending Anime Revolution, see you the next two days! We will be changing up our display a little :) So please come by and check it out again!

Bring your doll and show us XD Please kindly bring change if you wish to buy something ^^;/! Much appreciated!

Tomorrow I might draw a little at the table ^o^/ I will be bringing Aki and Taiga tomorrow ^^/

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5 Responses to Anime Revolution 2013 – Day 1

  1. Korie Wiley says:

    I’m love it

  2. Heather says:

    Looks like it was a ton of fun!!! :)

  3. archangeli says:

    Was so nice to catch up with you, and great to finally meet Mai-san!
    Thank you for all the pretty new clothes ^__^”

  4. Smithy says:

    Looks like you guys had a nice time at Anime Revolution, great to see Dollfie Dream getting good exposure with such a dedicated table.

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