New hands for Pi chan

Pi chan scored some new hands in a recent small order with a couple friends :D It’s interesting how changing hands can be so expressive :)

The packet of hands contained three types — open hand, scissors hands and pointing hand :D Hmm probably should have gotten a different set of hands along with these, maybe next time ^^; At first I wasn’t sure how to remove the hands but later after I managed to pop it out, it wasn’t too bad, just not sure if there’s an easier way to install the hands without hurting my fingers ^^;

Pi-chan “Chotto…!”


“Who, me?”


Kawaii <3!

Pointing hands lol, looks like “hand gun” too :P

Surrender hands pose lol


Yoshi is being nosy at the background lol

Kawaii… HNNNNGH!

Fuwa fuwa friend <3

Thanks for looking! :3

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