I cannot remember if Taiga ever learnt to ride a bike in the end in the anime – Tora Dora! lol

I recalled she fell a lot when she tried to ride/learn it ^^;

Took Taiga out quickly for a few quick shots on a sunny Saturday afternoon, was about to head out soon after so did not get too creative with the location ^^;

Her tsuntsun expression was almost too perfect… it seems she tried to run me over a few times while I took photos :P

A few people passed by, but luckily for me they did not stop and ask questions (ahem)

It was somewhat a muggy afternoon, with some clouds and a light breeze…

Thanks for looking ^o^/

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17 Responses to Taiga and bicycle

  1. Peter Leong says:

    Awwwwww! So cute and sweet (giggles). Great fit to the bike. :D

  2. carmenxoxo says:

    Taiga looks adorable in her little hat and on that bike…..beautiful day for a ride. <3

  3. Otakusan says:

    haha.. and if she didn’t, she did now XD love the pictures

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