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18 May 2012: Thanks everyone who purchased, your items has been shipped 18 May (I managed to bike out since the weather is decent) :D

I meant to make some more items to list, but I have to catch up on a time sensitive deadline first ^^;/ Maybe next couple weeks :3

Some of you may have already seen some of the sneak previews over my flickr :)

I was mulling over if I should list this latest update as sets, but I realised if I try to make sets I may end up never listing anything… so the dresses, tops and bottoms and hat will be list as single items~

The gather frilly lace skirt I only have one of for now, making just one skirt took a lot more of the trim than expected ^^;

I was testing out combinations to match the dress/tops which was made to fit the curvy Dynamite body :3 Ended up deciding to make the cropped pink cardigan, which will fit the other bust sizes as well — will just look different. You may need to remove the hands to pull the arms thru the sleeves~!

This strapless dress took  a long time to make despite it looking somewhat simple ^^; Just the bodice fabric and lining together (not counting the skirt part), there’s 14 pieces =_=;

I added a lace bow (made with Japanese lace), hand stitched with 2 pink pearl beads :)

Flirty short gather skirt shows off the shapely legs ^o^

The strapless top, despite it being just a top, also took a while to make, but not as long as the dress XD It’s one less piece to cut out and process and I didn’t need to join the bottom at the back ^^; It can be worn over a skirt or a pair of shorts for a casual look :3

Not sure what’s the exact name of this cap style, will call it Golf cap. Cape is lined with white cotton inside, the peak of cap has a slightly stiff lining inserted and is sewn to the crown of the cap (thanks wikipedia lol)

A friend of mine was remarking maybe I should start to make Christmas themed stuff now LOL!

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  1. SamuraiCat
    SamuraiCat says:

    Boo! I missed all the other items!
    At least i was able to snag the strapless top for my Yoko, she’ll be happy for that at least. (^^;)

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