Aki and yae sakura

<3 Aki so much! Above is my favorite shot of the lot! Very pleased to be able to go out and take some quick shots earlier today!

Otherwise I was mostly stuck in the window-less “sewing dungeon” ^^; Acquired a parts drawer unit over the weekend to keep some bits and bobs.

The sky was unfortunately not as blue as yesterday but I think the “yae sakura” (many petal variety of the cherry blossoms) and the beauty of Aki (ahem) made up for it ^o^

Also managed to use the “kira” hands — unexpected “get” ^^; It was out of stock every time I see, save for once which I was tempted to get the “frying pan set” — wanted the set for the frying pan, egg and spatula…. ^^;

Would prefer to make a new Yukata/Kimono, but working on something else at the moment ^^;

The trees are still young, but the pink blossoms are slowly getting bigger each year :)

It was quite windy, I had to be careful not to let Aki faceplant into the mud ^^;

Nyan! <3

Kyaaaa Aki <3!

Thanks for looking! ^o^

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  1. Miette-chan
    Miette-chan says:

    Man, a pink Yukata would be nice but I never seem to find one in that color at online shops. I would think it was a popular color. I mean, Aki looks so pretty wearing those colors.

    I want those Kira hands too, I had a chance to get them easily before I hope I don’t have trouble in the future.

    The new look for the blog is nice, really nice, only thing I will miss is gonna be the bigger pictures from before.

    • chun
      chun says:

      Wow I’m actually surprised! But I supposed perhaps if they are available they might sell out quickly :) I believe they will definitely keep it in stock since it is a part which is common to use ^^ You know you can click on the landmark pix to view a larger version rite? :D

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