Dollfie Dream Bikini revisited ^^; Top part is supposed to fit L-bust, but fits DDdy bust, just show the underboob a lot more ^^; bottom is only for DDdy… gotta figure out a better fitted bottom for DDII body ^^;

After the deadline for Doll Show items, I took a day to rest my hands/fingers — very dry and quite painful from getting poked by needles (usually unintentionally during sewing) ^^; Today I finished this up and decided to take some photos :) I wish to include this (or something like this) in an auction set with partial proceeds to go to Japan aid.

Meanwhile I hope you enjoy looking at Mirai chan in this bikini with her vavavoom body XD


I’m contemplating having Mirai use this wig until I find one I’m truly happy with on her :P

On guard duty…

Don’t be naughty or Mirai will shoot you ^^;

Yes, she’s beri serious ^^;

Ottsukaresama Mirai <3

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20 Responses to Dollfie Dream Bikinis 4 — Bikini body guard

  1. Korie Wiley says:

    She holding down the fort

  2. Miette-chan says:

    Hmm… bikinis were really made for the curvier girls like Mirai.

  3. yamada25 says:

    I like the design and the color. I would love to see pink color of thia too XD

  4. Smithy says:

    Oh that’s a lovely bikini! Nice work! ^^
    Do you plan on creating other items with that camo pattern?

    • chun says:

      Thank you! Hmm it really depends, there’s many possibility ^^ what do you want to see? This material is a knit wear :)

  5. Ron says:

    When I first saw these pictures, I had a very strong desire to stand at attention and salute!

    Very beautiful…Mirai, the camo bikini, and your work.

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