Doll show 31

Once again, would like to thank Mai for kindly helping me bring some of my sewing items over to Doll Show 31 this year!

While this means that my sewing for my online website update is delayed (oops), as I needed to finish and hand over a number items for Mai  before she leave for Japan (thankyouthankyouthankyou~~~!!!) *wipes brow*

To those who are patiently waiting: I am still preparing more items within this two weeks to list on Artfire!  And I also intend to also list an auction or two with part of proceeds to go to the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami victims. More information will be available when they are ready~ Thank you! m(_  _)m

Please also support Mai’s lovely denim creations!  My girls are totally bugging me to commission Mai for some MLA Jeans when she’s back huhuhu ^O^!

Doll show 31 information

Date: May 01, 2011 (Sunday)

Location: 都立産業貿易センター浜松町館

Dealer Name: マイ・リトル・エイリアン& パピー・ラブ

Booth: 3D : 4-6

3 Peasant dresses, 9 pesant tops, 8 gathered skirts.  As I am not in person to help man the booth, I decided to make items will fit both DDdy and DDII body M-L busts and DDdy busts.

The skirt is elastic gather at the waist, it stretches to go over the DDdy’s hips ^^/ Also it may fit MDD (Mini Dollfie Dream) depending on what type of blouse you match it with ^^/

Printed a small number of photos to be handed out, each photo has a puppy52 sticker included in the clear pocket at the back ^o^

And of course some puppy52 buttons ^^;/

Also, I will be attending Blythecon in Portland this June! :) I will post about the items when they are ready too ^^;/ busybusybusy!

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  1. Akiyoshii
    Akiyoshii says:

    wow!!! much better than Barbie! i love the skirt and the dress…. sooo cute!!! good luck,good job! C.O.O.L !!!! ;)

  2. snowfern
    snowfern says:

    oh oh oh!!! these are what you have been so busy with!! wow they look AMAZING especially….Everything? XD i LOVE the skirts! i would totally wear them despite my age and build XD

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