Date with Mai Little Alien

An overdue post about a date with Mai ^o^;

Below, we see Mokotan very excited about the parfaits we ordered ^^;;;  So delicious…

Before we got really busy with an out of town relative from Hong Kong, I made a date with Mai ^o^!

I did not bring my bigger dolls as I was taking the public transport, also I intended to shop for some fabric = heavy ^^; I brought Mokotan (suggested by husband), and a Petite Blythe (puppy on a date). Mai kindly brought Captain, her custom blythe along :)

We went to shop for fabric at Dressew, had dessert, then I hung out at Mai’s place to play dolls lol!
(random sights)

Lovely Matsurika chan, wearing a gorgeous dress by Hiroko-san of Kogumaza – some more photos on this entry of Mai’s blog ^^/

Daiya scored the cardigan I presented Mai ^^; I am very glad it fits and Daiya wears it very well! Mai took many great photos of Daiya in the cardigan too :)

Yuzuki is just gorgeous :3 (We got her to try out some random stuff I made ^^;) Some photos are not very flattering or safe for work so I won’t post them here lol

I think Mai took way better photos than I did, so please check out her blog entry if you like! :D

Thanks again Mai, for hanging out with me! ^o^ Next time lets check out the ramen place! :P

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  1. mai
    mai says:

    Yeah~!!! XD thank you for posting about the date! lol I had a lot of fun that day XD! next time please come visit Okita-kun! lol
    thanks for taking many good pics of my dolls XD!

    • chun
      chun says:

      hahahaha I’ll try! I guess the Dollfie Dream girls are still lighter than Mr sack of rice :P I think you took way nicer photos! :3 good job!

  2. Miette-chan
    Miette-chan says:

    Ah! Coincidentally enough just before I woke up I was dreaming about getting ingredients to make a parfait. Buying fabric you say? I wonder what you will make.

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