Nyanko power

Gosh, everytime I take photos of this girl I think I fall harder for her :P

The pink top Nyanko’s wearing in the photos, I have a funny story :P I made it intended for sale on artfire and I had listed it today, Mai happen to have the fastest fingers and bought it ^^;;; worry not tho, I have a few more others in progress ^^;/

On a sunny afternoon after completing the top, I decided to take some quick snaps to document ^^/

Nyanko making herself very comfortable XD

Ara Taiga wants to sit on the armchair too ^^;

Armchair kidnapped lol

Documentation shots of Nyanko wearing the outfit sets which I presented to Mai’s lovely Hanabi chan (Yoko DD) The thread I used is dark grey but the stitches appear lighter on black fabric.

The red and black fabric I tied pieces of them onto the spare doll bust to test for staining, and when Nyanko wore it, it did not stain, so lets hope it stays that way ^^!

The peasant top which reminds me of Minnie mouse :3

Reminder to self, to add a black ribbon for Hanabi chan’s top when we meet next time :)

Remember to check out Mai chan’s Hanabi chan wearing this set!

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    • chun
      chun says:

      Moo commissions turn around time too slow ^^; Ask spark90 ^^;;; (gya!!!) right now there’s a slight delay with bikinis because the bottom is driving me a bit crazy :P a part of it is NOT fitting correct (ARGH!!!) *tears hair off*

  1. Smithy
    Smithy says:

    Like both the pink top as the red one, they both suit Nyanko well and each adds a different atmosphere, aura to Nyanko. Nice stuff! ^^

    My Yoko keeps on staring intently at the screen seeing all those cute clothes! XD

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