Wouldn’t it be nice if our xmas elfs are little Mamachapps?

First time she sees snow ^o^; Not much by the time ^^;

Came indoors soon after, as it was kinda windy :P

Who’s been naughty?

Posing indoors is much better!

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22 Responses to Adventures of Mokotan~ 5

  1. yunamon says:

    LOL The hat still stands upright! XD

    Merry Kurisumasu to you and your daughters!

  2. thetsundere says:

    Mokotan in her santa hat reminds me of a gnome, but a much cuter, prettier version xD
    Love her pose in the last photo. Reminds me of the Haruhi-flicking-her-hair pose ^^

  3. Kotetsu-chan says:

    As always, I enjoy your photos and your fashions. So cute!!! Keep spreading the Holiday cheer! ^_^

  4. Pinkwing11 says:

    Very cute outfit! And I love the hat! :)

  5. mai says:

    oh! It snowed in Rich @@. The news kept on saying there’s snowfall in Vancouver but I haven’t seen any yet! lol. Well there has been a rain that felt like a snow? but nothing on the ground. lol! I wanna see some snow T-T

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