Planting a doll

Having collected a variety of dolls over the last 5 years, I find that Blythe dolls, for some reason always suddenly break my bank. ^^;  Took Betsey, my Heather Sky blythe doll out on a Spring-y Saturday! ^^/ I was only casually (like, not gonna try very hard) gonna get her when a friend kindly helped me find a reasonable source (she know who she is haha!), when this particular doll is doubling in price on evilbay even before the doll is released ^^;

So if you like blythe dolls then, this entry is for you :)Discovered this amazing field of blue wild flowers by chance (husband calls them weeds :P)

Had been busy ^^; so poor Betsey is still in her stock dress! But it looks nice on her anyways ^^

A bit more difficult to take pix with cherryblossom trees ^^;

Trees always out of focus ^^;

Had to visit this tiny park when I saw these pink petals scattered on the grounds ^^;

Big fat pigeons ^^;

Non doll pix on my art blog :)

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  1. whyiloveacting
    whyiloveacting says:

    Hi chun! thanks so much for telling me the link to the website where you got the dolls! thanks to you I got my first doll! her name is Nina!

    thanx again!

  2. chun
    chun says:

    @yamada LOL umm nope LOL by the way I’ve heard stories of dolls being buried in backyard and stuff before ^^; one tragic ending was one fine day the said person went to check on her little “doll cemetery” to find her dad had covered that area with concrete :P

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