Long time no blythe :)

Blythe doll was the doll which got me into the crazy dolly world, and I know I haven’t been playing with them as much as I am distracted by my Dollfie Dreams :P


I still enjoy blythes and the wonderful work out there created by loving skillful hands out there :)  I think I am just lazy to take photos of them :P With so many choices of blythe doll clothing out there, I feel like I want to buy them rather than make them (oops!)

Today a package arrived from a dear friend whom I met thru our love for blythe dolls when I moved to Canada.  We have had many fun times and memories when we hang out time to time :) I remember once we were walking down the street, braving the cold to take photos with the blythe dolls in our hands and a couple went “CREEPY~~~” at our dolls ^^;

I was really amused when said friend responded to their taunting by pointing her blythe doll at them, and changed the blythe’s eyes (there are 4 colours and 3 directions) at them, freaking them out even more!  I think I’ll always remember this funny memory along with many others! :)

This friend of mine has moved to the states for a while now, but blythes, our love for fabric and the internet keep us in touch :) Below we have Joy and Daifuku (with MSR with Saffy’s hair) wearing the lovely dresses carefully made by thelittlemushroom :)


They maybe ignoring me because I haven’t gave them attention for a while ;_;

They really like the dresses tho!

Hmm need to brush Joy’s hair sometime ^^;

Daifuku in the little Floral Dress, the fabric is as delicate as I was told :)

Really like the tiny little beads for the buttons in front ^o^

Ah we also recently scored a lovely knitted hat by xoxoblythe :D The cute pink assemble is also from xoxoblythe ^o^/

omake of Vivi — the dress was too loose, but with a top under it, it fits her much better :D (but of course it’s getting kinda hot these days lol Vivi will complain ^^;)

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  1. kmyk
    kmyk says:

    haha I am neglecting my dolls too. Just been distracted lately, hopefully I can spend some more time with them soon.

    • chun
      chun says:

      Aww yeah! Mai was talking about you lol we were like hey we haven’t hear from you for a bit (at our last meet :P) so I told her that you may be just taking a break from taking pix/dolls lol! Good to see you commenting time to time tho :)

  2. myra
    myra says:

    Yay! Blythes getting some attention =P

    I should pay mine some attention too… I haven’t been taking them out or playing with them much this summer =/

  3. whandoodleys
    whandoodleys says:

    I used to be kinda freaked out by their super large heads, but you do get used to them after awhile ^^ My friends crazy about them too ^^;

    But wow, the clothes must be realllly hard to sew. So small :D

    • chun
      chun says:

      Before I got into blythe I was actually freaked out by them too, cos one of the first pictures I saw of was the head open up with the inside mechanisms exposed lol! It was disturbing for a first timer ^^; Then I saw all the fantastic photos my friend took of the blythe out and about and I fell for them :) and yes, they’re pretty tricky to sew for, and to turn small sleeves and socks inside out etc can be a pain ^^;

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