Mirai Suenaga Figma

Today the postman rang the door bell a bit earlier than usual and scared the heck out of our cats… and look who‘s here! Really pleased that she arrived very quickly via amiami preorder. Had to quickly dress Aki up to model with our new get!

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Flickr group

Requesting dollfie owners who had acquired sewing pieces from me with flickr accounts, to consider adding your dollfie dream musume’s photos wearing puppy love to the Flickr group :)

You will need to send a request to join and you’ll usually be added in 24 hours or so.  Reason I set up the need to request is I want to prevent non related spammers.  I wanted to host images on my website but felt that if in case the owner wish to change the picture or remove pictures they can at least have their own freedom to do so if it’s just adding/removing on the Flickr group :3

If you do not want to join flickr, I can also host your image on my flickr and post it on the flickr group if you like, with a link to your website or contact.  But this will be done manually and may not show up or happen immediately.

Thank you once again for your interest and support!

Long time no blythe :)

Blythe doll was the doll which got me into the crazy dolly world, and I know I haven’t been playing with them as much as I am distracted by my Dollfie Dreams :P

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Doll Show 28

Before I start, I must thank Mai (Mai Little Alien) and JET SET for including my work at their booths even tho I cannot physically go there myself this time, information in Japanese and English here~!

I still have a bunch of stuff to do (oops) but after taking some photos of the final items… gotta document it :P

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Pants for the Dynamite body

Mirai and Mirin switch bodies once in a while, and whoever gets the dynamite body  had been kinda freezing since I hardly have any clothes which fits that body properly ^^; Finally caved and did a couple test sewing to make pattern for pants for Dynamite body. (What is Dollfie dream dynamite body?)

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Otome Asakura Doll in a new dress

When I opened the envelope and saw the lovely dress made by Plastic Fashion (intended for blythe), for some reason the doll which I bought late last year but never really showed pictures of came to mind.

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